Monday, January 25, 2010

I am nothing but grateful

i've had this amazing month.
so amazing, i haven't had time to not blog about it.

now that i have some free time (read: at work), here's what january has looked like -
1st week - i won an oregon literary fellowship in fiction (what the hell!)
2nd week - i completed my graduate school applications and sent them in (a simple enough sentence to write, but applying to grad school is so sucky, i'm praying i get in mostly so i don't have to go through the application process again)
3rd week - was interviewed by reading local: portland, read some new work @ true stories @ mississippi studios (thanks courtenay) & it was my birthday
4th week - i'm leaving for puerto rico for my friend's wedding & to drink tropical cocktails oceanside.

i'm well aware of the incredible good fortune (and hard work too) that made this last month possible.

i am nothing but grateful.

also, there is this quote which i cannot get out of my head since hearing it:

"if you work hard, and if you are kind, amazing things will happen."
conan o'brien said that to his audience in the final minutes of his final show.
he could have said anything.
he could have told his young angry audience to boycott universal & comcast.
he could have told nbc to fuck off.
but he didn't.

so in honor of conan, (and of anvil) i'm going to keep working hard, keep aiming for kindness, and keep believing in the possibility of the amazing.

i hope you do too.