Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I'm Back! - And a Reading, To Boot

Hello Reader:

You may have noticed, since I'm such a prodigious blogger, that I've been absent of writing posts for some time. Here's why:

Now that's she three months old, I'm going to attempt to return to my normal life (ha! - this will only be funny to you if you know how mercilessly children beat you into submission with their constant demands and ferociously big hearts - the combo results in you being willing to do anything they ask of you, even as you watch your formerly reasoned peaceful life drift away into the sunset while the old you pities new you from the deck of the yacht, waving goodbye with one hand, a mai tai in the other).

I'll be reading at Portland at Heart this Sunday, April 6th at 5pm at the Blue Monk alongside some of my favorite folks who write:

Kathleen Lane
Colin Farstad
Kevin Meyer
Charles Dye
Brad Rosen
Liz Greenhill
Edie Rylander
Matthew Robsinson
Michael Sage Ricci

Thanks to Colin Farstad, home from NYC for a few days, for putting this lovely event together.

I hope you can make it!


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